Light up your next event with a fire show from Matt Sol. Watch him conjure a circle of flames, eat fire, and dance with fire poi, staffs, and fans. His death defying flaming stunts will be sure to wow your audience and give them a night they will never forget. 



Brighten your evening with a mesmerizing glow show. Matt Sol's glow poi, double staffs, and hoop create a dazzling array of geometric patterns and light trails that are guaranteed to amaze all. With programmable lights he can match the colors of his props to the theme of your event. This brilliant light show is perfect for concerts and indoor events where fire is not an option. 



Double the excitement with a duet featuring Matt Sol and Shan Slevista. Together, through dance with fire and lights they can create an intimate romantic atmosphere, tell the story of an action packed thriller, and much more. Duets are perfect for weddings, or larger events where one performer isn't enough.

Past Performances



Matt Sol has over five years of experience teaching flow and fire arts. He has taught workshops throughout the country to people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are just starting out and want to learn the basics, or you want to develop advanced techniques, Matt will bring you a lesson that challenges you and helps strengthen your abilities.

Want to turn up the heat? Learn how to dance with flames with Matt Sol's fire dancing classes. He is certified in fire safety by the Flow Arts Institute and will provide a comfortable environment for you to learn how to mitigate the dangers of practicing fire arts.

Instruction is available in the following disciplines:

  • Poi, three poi, and poi juggling
  • Fans
  • Hooping, with one to four hoops
  • Double staffs
  • Juggling, balls (up to 5), rings, clubs, and passing
  • Fire dancing and safety

Contact Matt Sol today to book a private or group lesson or to bring his workshops to your festival